Digging post holes.

Your friend has arrived and you are now ready to start digging post holes where you put a marker.

If the drilling is going down easy you are lucky and your job will progress quickly. However if you are having difficulties with your fence post hole, like getting to your post hole depth there are some things you can try.

Soak the area with water this may soften your ground and make digging easier.

If rocks are your problem you will have to use your steel bar to pry out the rocks. Work smart. Look at the rock and decide how you will loosen it. Try to dig your bar in to the ground from the sides and get under the rock.

Once you loosened the rock you can try prying it out. This may take several steps. Don’t pound on the rock from the top if it is a big rock chances are it won’t break and you may get injured by small flying peaces.

Once you have finished digging your post holes and reached your desired post hole depth, take a manual post hole digger or a plastic container and start removing the loose soil from the fence post hole. You are almost finished digging post holes.

Once the fence post hole is cleaned out, take your metal bar and bar out the bottom of the hole, meaning you want to make the bottom a slightly larger diameter than the top. Clean out any loose soil.

Rule of thumb is that one third of your post length should be in the ground. This can change depending on the frost line in your area.

Now your post holes are ready and you can start installing fence posts.

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