chain link fence

A chain link fence is used both for industrial and residential uses. Some of the advantages for use to consider are.

Cost: It is less expensive than wood and are low in maintenance costs.

Easy to install: It can be installed on almost any terrain or grade.

Saving the view: You may have a picturesque back yard. It can be used to maintain the open space or park-like feel of your yard.

A residential chain link is usually between 3 to 6 foot in height but you can get much higher if used for industrial purposes. It also comes in a variety of colors such as black, green brown and white.

The fence is available in several gauge sizes usually 6 gauge to 11 gauge. Gauge refers to the thickness of either the pipe wall or the thickness of the wire for chain link mesh. The lower the gauge number the higher the value.

You can also add privacy by installing privacy slates. If privacy may be something you will want in the future you must plan on this at the time of installation. Your chain link fence expert will advise you on how your fence needs to be installed.

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