Building a fence

The first step to building a fence is good planning.

There is some information that you will need to know and some decisions you will need to make, before you start building a fence.

Start by visiting your local bylaw or planning department.

You will need to find out if you need a permit for your fence building project. If you do need a permit you will need to supply information on the exact location of the new fence, the style and material of your fence and the height you are planning to build. If you are a corner property you should mention this to the bylaw officer because you may have further height restriction on the street side. Swimming pool fences have stringent regulations as to design and height. It is very important that a swimming pool fence is built to code or the by law officer may make you do modifications to your fence to comply with regulations.

Next you need to call for locates for underground utilities.

You will need to call companies such as gas, hydro, telephone, cable etc. before you dig. There may be a one call number that you can call usually under the heading call before you dig. You should call as soon as you know you will be building a fence, because there is a time delay for these locates to be completed. You should ask them to mark with paint and also email you a copy of the locates. Occasionally there is an error in the way the locate was marked and if you cause damage to any of the infrastructure (hope this never happens to you) you can prove that you are not responsible for the cost of repair.

Talk to neighbors who share your property line.

Let neighbors know you are considering building a fence, where you are going to install it and what designs you are considering. As a fence builder with twenty five years of experience dealing with neighbors I can tell you they will appreciate the courtesy you show them and may even want to contribute with time or money.

Fences serve many purposes not only do they define space and create privacy, they also offer security, and they can be noise barriers and add value to your home.

The fence should enhance the look of your house.

When choosing a fence design you need to also consider the lay of your land. Certain fence designs are not visually pleasing on a sloped lot but look better when they are stepped or installed on a level lot. If wind factor is an issue for you, you may want to consider certain fence designs that allow wind circulation.

You should next decide what material your fence will be constructed from.

If you are looking for privacy you are probably considering a board on board wooden fence.There are several styles of wood privacy fences, for example, solid board six feet high or solid board five feet high with one foot lattice.

If you are not up to the full fence building experience you can purchase constructed fence panels from a building supply store and hire someone to dig the post holes.

Plastic fence, vinyl privacy fence, metal fence and chain link fence with plastic inserts is some other choices available to you.

Building a fence can be fun if you are organized.

Make sure you understand the fence design you will be building. Have all needed fence supplies , hardware, nails, lumber, concrete, digging tools etc. at least a day in advance of building. It is better to purchase a little more fence material than you need so you have choice for better looking lumber and that you don’t run short the day of the build. Don’t waste your time running around for missing material, this will only make you frustrated. Most companies will give you a refund on unused material.

Now that you are organized and ready to start you could use at least one other person (more is better) to lend you a hand. This is a good time to call in favors and have a fence building party. If you need information on Installing fence posts click the link.

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